DJ Bowlz

Dance music flows through his veins. Stomping feet and bangin' beats is what he lives for.

BowLz started his musical career or should I say rhythmic lifestyle as a young boy. Playing trumpet and guitar, his first love for music was for underground punk rock. It seemed as if one listen and he was addicted to the raw beauty of power chords, spikes, and the enthusiasm that comes with the scene. The same goes for EDM. His first life changing experience with dance music was in 1998, at a show in Omaha, NE, titled "U-Know". Kimball Collins, DJ Icey, Dieselboy, and fellow HouseHoldName member Plan 9 (then known as Kaoss) stole his heart and mind forever. Since that night so many years ago, his primary focus has been electronic beats. BowLz bleeds EDM. Happy hardcore was his first mistress in a long line of the lovely ladies of the dance floor, back when P.L.U.R. actually meant something. He began mixing in 2006 under the wing of underground Midwest legend, Poyo Jenkins, and hasn't stopped to even take a breath. He then lusted for heavy breaks and dirty beats which eventually lead up to him finding his true love, Electro House! The new skool scene might be all about dirty dubstep and trap hop but BowLzy is keeping it old skool. Don't get me wrong, he loves all EDM, but he plays what he likes, and doesn't follow trends. There is something special about house beats with the unmistakable crackle that comes with mixing wax.

DJ BowLz's first ever public appearance was playing DnB with Poyo at the many MidWest Metal shows In Sioux City, IA in 2006. That same year he was also blessed with a set on the playa at Dark Skies Music and Art Festival on the Nevada state line (an underground Burning Man with more love and less media). He said after the show, "There is no better feeling than watching people shake it to beats that I threw down. Even if I reach just one person, one heart, one mind. As long as I can make that one person fall for the beats like I did all those years ago, I have done what I have set out to do". He's not out to get rich, he's out to spread the love, and since then, he's done nothing but.

Playing many bars and clubs, he's shared the stage with EDM up and coming superstars such as Butch Clancy, Minnesota, Tony Markham, Plan 9, and is looking to add many others to the list.

Not only is he a performer, he's a promoter / event coordinator which would impress even the most affluent in the field. His drive to help create and build the scene in his hometown has exploded. It started as, "Hey, lets throw a party", to DJ's from afar coming to enjoy the scene that he has helped create. His first endeavor was an outdoor festival in August of 2012 called "Bassin Backyard River Regatta". That was just the beginning. Since then, he's thrown show after show with big talent and great turnouts. As for the fans, they are thirsty for more and he's stocked up and ready to hydrate. He is the most recent addition to the HouseHoldName roster and is ready to get down for the masses. He is also planning on getting into the production side of things. The sky is the limit and he's aiming to take it! If you dig Electro, you too will soon consider DJ BowLz to be a HouseHold Name!

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